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Welcome to the kooky entertaining world of Kookloo, your premier discovery site for engaging video content!
A new digital media startup, Kookloo is a video sharing/hosting network powered by awesome users generated content, and engaged viewers interactive commentary! Free, easy to join and use, and built with a proprietary timed comment feature that allows indexed pop chat micro-comments®; Kookloo is unlike most other video sharing websites that bury comments at the bottom of each video. At Kookloo all comments boldly popstream® upon the video content during playback at any chosen time along the video's index time bar. 

With an organic unique approach to video curation based upon grassroots demand, Kookloo is a rapidly growing and passionate community. Simply login or create an account here:  https://kookloo.com/signup?mode=login

Bloggers and website Publishers, want our unique videos to display on your site?  Kookloo is share friendly! Simply choose a video, format,size and embed our video code directly into your site! View example here: 

[koo-kookloo, kook lo͞o] 

1. noun (definition used without object), "kookloo".
A new digital media startup headquartered in Denver, Colorado with operations in Los Angeles, California; Kookloo is a free video sharing network service that allows its users to upload video content. Designed with a revolutionary proprietary timed comment feature that allows up to 60 succinct characters of popstreamingTM chat annotation called kooking, viewers may add micro-comments® in which they may rate, spin, applaud, riff, question, alter narrative and or otherwise engage the video content! As such, Kookloo also creates interest and re-engagement of older previously spiked video content.
2. noun (definition used without object), "kook’ d".  Also see "kook'd up".
A Kookloo video that has been commented upon (past tense) .
3. verb (definition used with object), "kooking".
The active process of commenting upon a Kookloo video.

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How do I get started? 

Raise your left hand, jump up and down and shout, "I’m ready I’m ready!" Only kidding. 
You have three options to join... Your Facebook account information, your Twitter account information, or by providing an email address! We warmly welcome you to sign up, upload content, view, comment,share and further explore Kookloo! 

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