Personalized not Programmatic


Finally, an all-in-one SSP marketplace offers you a transparent, affordable tool to partner and directly book a Content Creator to drive your promo's reach strategy.


Your promo spot uninterrupted within a coordinated video, and social media campaign that allows you to maximize spend, and vet the Content Creator's video(s) for brand safety.


Hit your marketing goals and tap an instant organic audience with an inventive more subtle nuanced approach to advertising... Finally, every view is a real view.


More value | Spend less

We've removed all the false hype from traditional metric tools and focused on simplicity; allowing you to allocate ad spend with confidence, and achieve the highest and longest tailed digital + social media marketing returns.


Can anyone sponsor a video? Yes!

Kookloo 2.0 provides an easy to use content brand strategy tool that allows any company, brand, organization or person/consumer to seamlessly transact directly with a Content Creator and independently sponsor a video permanently.  


  • Single one-time ad embed fee 
  • Ad-blocker immune; as your ads are inserted directly into the video stream
  • Ad play returns are forever and permanent
  • Curate the content with which your ads match and piggyback onto viral creativity
  • Retain ownership and directive of your brand's message, vs outsourcing to a paid influencer 
  • Invest in a Content Creator and receive higher marketing returns
  • All budget Advertisers | Sponsors allowed
  • Ads are universally leverage shared across major social networks
  • Advertising campaigns starting as low as 5 bucks🤗

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