What is Kookloo 2.0?

1.  Kookloo 2.0 is a next generation multipurpose video sharing platform that introduces a host of upgrades and improvements to the video sharing and advertising landscape. In revolutionizing and blending digital media and ad-tech strategies, Kookloo 2.0 lets any company, brand, organization or person(s) piggyback onto viral creativity and tap an instant organic audience.  End to end, the platform will facilitate seamless discovery, introduction and vetting of video content on the front end, and automate payment, receipt-record and dispute(s) on the backend of the transaction.

How do you help Content Creators?

2. Kookloo 2.0 enables Creators to convert content into commerce.

How much can Content Creators earn?

3. Unlike those other platforms, at Kookloo 2.0, Content Creators are in the driver's seat and set/determine their asking price for sponsorship(s)! Create amazing qualitative original content that's shared across multiple platforms; and the "sky's the limit" to how much one may earn.

How do you help brands?

4. We help brands create unique out of the box online & offline marketing strategies and execute them.

Can I upload videos here?

5. Yes, once we launch we highly encourage you to share your captured moments on our platform.

Do you have customer service?

6. Of course Silly! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365.

Is this "programmatic" advertising?

7. No. Revolutionizing and blending modern ad-tech and digital media strategies, Kookloo 2.0 is an innovative new concept in online entertainment advertising.

Is this Influencer marketing?

8. No.  Gone are the lame days of phony social media Hacks peddling products and items they don't really care about, or for that matter have ever honestly used/tried... At Kookloo 2.0, we allow content creators to get back to what they do best; create awesome original content.

Can I sign up now?

9. Kinda-sorta😄 Tell us a wee bit about yourself. Please connect with us now via our link HERE!

May I be a Content Creator and an Advertiser Sponsor?

10. Yes. Whatever floats your boat ⛵ ... Do you.